Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tocal Field Days

WRVAP is pleased to be offered the opportunity to show work at Tocal Homestead during the Tocal Agricultural College annual Field Days event from April 30 - May 2, 2010. Tocal is 15 minutes from Maitland on Tocal Road, Paterson, and the Field Days have over 600 exhibitors and a number of events of interest to both the rural and wider community.

For the duration of these Field Day events, WRVAP artworks will be on show in the Tocal barn:

These will include an installation of shoes made by local artist Bridget Nicholson, who, as part of the Williams River project, is making individual shoes for people by wrapping their feet in clay. The collection will form an installation titled ‘touch this earth lightly’. Bridget will be available at Tocal Homestead during the 3 field days to do people’s feet. The process takes approximately 20 minutes per person and Bridget will also be talking to people and recording their views on their own relationship to their feet and to the environment. Examples of shoes made to date are shown below: