Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Riparian Rites - open till 16 October

Riparian Rites is the latest exhibition of the Williams River Valley Artists' Project. It includes the work of artists Suzanne Bartos, Neil Berecry Brown, Ruby Davies, Noelene Lucas, Margaret Roberts, Toni Warburton, David Watson and Juliet Fowler Smith, made in response to the proposal to construct the Tillegra Dam, to the disruption that proposal has brought to the valley and to hope for a better future now that the proposal has finally been withdrawn.
above: Toni Warburton
above: Ruby Davies
above: Neil Berecry Brown, Repairing To Rights
see 2013 update as: Re-visioning the Valley
above: Neil Berecry Brown
above: Noelene Lucas
above: floor: Margaret Roberts; right wall: David Watson
above: Juliet Fowler Smith
above: Suzanne Bartos
above L-R: Claire, Neil, Toni, Suzanne, David, Ruby, Juliet, Margaret