Sunday, June 14, 2009

The June residency


Standing on Egg-top Hill—and watched by Bridget Nicholson and Hanna—Juliet Fowler Smith and Suzanne Bartos point to the seedlings recently planted on top of Manns Hill, the one part of the Munni area that will remain above water level if the valley is flooded to make the Tillegra Dam. The seedlings have been planted as part of a memorial reforestation of Manns Hill.


14th June 2009: Photos from a meeting with locals Simone Turner and Patricia Middlebrook, to talk about how the dam would impact on them and their community:

A walk down to the river.

Simone takes Bridget to show her an old swimming spot in the river.

Simone remembers coming across a group of nude bathers there as a child!


Local artist, photographer and historian Simone E. Turner has been photographing the landscape around Munni and Tillegra for many years. As much of her work is about memory, her photographs of the William's River valley have taken on a renewed significance with the awareness that, with the dam, these places will no longer be visible.


Entry by Suzanne Bartos: This poem was composed from text found in the minutes of the Quart Pot Cemetery Subcommittee meeting 1st August 2007. This committee's role is to oversee the moving of the local cemetery, which is in the area to be flooded if the Tillegra Dam is built. The committee sought legal advice as to what family member they legally had to get permission from in order to move those buried in the cemetery.

The minutes read: "Legal Advise - Hierarchy Next of Kin" Glen advised, the advise from the lawyer was expected to include advise on the legal status regarding the hierarchy for next of kin. The intention is to use the legal advise to guide the development of the cemetery relocation process and discussions with affected families."

Sorting out the affected families' distress over this issue by using legal means is a heavy handed and divisive 'process' and a very one sided 'discussion'. Read: It is enough for us to get permission from any family member and then we can do what we want.

Definition of Next of Kin

The deceased person’s spouse.

Or, if the deceased person did not have a spouse-

any of the deceased person’s sons or daughters.

Or, if the deceased person did not have a spouse, son or daughter Or a spouse, son or daughter are not available –

Either of the deceased person’s parents

Or, If the deceased person did not have a spouse, son, daughter, or living parent or a spouse, son, daughter or parent is not available –

any of the brothers or sisters

Or, if the deceased person did not have a spouse, son, daughter, living parent, brother or sister,

or a spouse, son, daughter, parent, brother or sister is not available


don’t go around thinking that you’re not loved.

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